Know your Farmer, Know your Food

Exit 40 Farmers MarketNew Location!

It is an exciting time for the Exit 40 Farmers Market, big move and expansion makes for a great time to revisit, or visit the market. Our new location at Novant UVA Hospital Center is going to allow us to grow and meet the needs of the growing Haymarket & Gainesville area. The new location is just off Exit 40 and 15, convenient to the many communities and neighborhoods. Take the time to get to know the farmers/vendors. Ask them about how the food is grown, what else they grow, what the next week’s harvest may bring, about what they are cooking for dinner. Stop by the manager’s table and pick up a “Get to know your farmer” game entry. It’s amazing what you can learn with just a few questions. You might even get to know each other’s name.

Shopping at the Farmers Market is different from your big box store, there are a few things to keep in mind to have the best experience. When you first arrive at the market take your time and walk through the entire market. Take a good look at all the offerings, chat with the vendors, and ask a few questions before you buy. There can be many differences in varieties, prices, and taste.

In order to make the transactions go quickly, always bring lots of small bills and change, the crisp $20’s straight out of the ATM are not always convenient for the vendors and they don’t always take credit cards.

Sorry Fido, but the Exit 40 Farmers Market is a permitted Food Facility and no dogs (except service dogs) are allowed.

Bring large, reusable shopping bags, they make shopping easier and protect your purchases.  Please try to remember to reuse the produce bags provided by the farmers, or the grocery store. You can always save them and bring them back to refill next time you come to market. This reuse will help with the farmer’s costs and is also beneficial to the environment.

Please also think about the farmers/vendors, bargaining for small amounts is not well received, not even at the end of the market day. You can always ask about large amounts or seconds and that is usually acceptable, however not always doable. Remember that these are the growers of the produce. Do not insult them with unnecessary and small quantity bargaining. They worked very hard to grow and harvest the produce and now add sales to the long day.

Look forward to seeing you at the Exit 40 Farmers Market!

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