You’ve Got the Market Beet!

pablo-beetsMarch 26, 2017

Spring is springing! I’ve always thought the year begins in spring even though the calendar starts the year out in January. Spring is the time when the earth awakens, the sounds, sights and scents of newness seem to be everywhere, especially in our true home, Mother-Father Earth, that we vow to love and care for so we can cohabitate for generations to come.

And so it goes as the winter turns into spring, something very special and new is on the horizon, your community farm market is back in town! Exit 40 Haymarket Farm Market is proud to advocate for a healthy community, increase access to fresh, local and regional food, help preserve rural livelihood and farmland, and support the local economy. Yes, the Market is “green” with only being in its second year on the hospital campus, but seasonal local and regional harvest will abound for the community from just-picked seasonal fruits and vegetables to local raw honey, meats, poultry and freshly baked artisan breads, all sold to you by a variety of farmers, producers, artisans and crafters. There are even plans for the return of the dedicated Youth Market for students to learn about agribusiness while operating their very own stand!

Get your market bag ready and tell all your friends, because we are looking forward to greeting you on May 4th!

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