You’ve Got the Market Beet!

pablo-beetsMarch 26, 2017

Spring is springing! I’ve always thought the year begins in spring even though the calendar starts the year out in January. Spring is the time when the earth awakens, the sounds, sights and scents of newness seem to be everywhere, especially in our true home, Mother-Father Earth, that we vow to love and care for so we can cohabitate for generations to come.

And so it goes as the winter turns into spring, something very special and new is on the horizon, your community farm market is back in town! Exit 40 Haymarket Farm Market is proud to advocate for a healthy community, increase access to fresh, local and regional food, help preserve rural livelihood and farmland, and support the local economy. Yes, the Market is “green” with only being in its second year on the hospital campus, but seasonal local and regional harvest will abound for the community from just-picked seasonal fruits and vegetables to local raw honey, meats, poultry and freshly baked artisan breads, all sold to you by a variety of farmers, producers, artisans and crafters. There are even plans for the return of the dedicated Youth Market for students to learn about agribusiness while operating their very own stand!

Get your market bag ready and tell all your friends, because we are looking forward to greeting you on May 4th!

What’s Fresh

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 8.04.39 AMThe farm market isn’t like your typical grocery store, save yourself the trouble of making a list and have some fun with what is in season. Weather, insects, demands and an amazing array of other variables can make for challenging predictions as to what comes out of the fields and to the market. Think of the market as a way to expand your pallete and try some new or different fruits and veggies. If you don’t have any idea how to prepare the items as the farmers, they grow these things for a reason and have some very good insight (and recipes). Don’t always go for your everyday items, like the white sweet corn, instead, try one of the bi-color varieties. VDACS provides a very handy produce chart of the growing season for Virginia, remember that it may vary but it may spark something.

Have you made the $10 Farm Fresh pledge? Just Spend $10 a week on Virginia grown products and earn a chance to win a Virginia Grown/Virginia’s Finest gift basket. Pick up your Pledge Card at the manager’s table at the Exit 40 farmers market.

Know your Farmer, Know your Food

Exit 40 Farmers MarketNew Location!

It is an exciting time for the Exit 40 Farmers Market, big move and expansion makes for a great time to revisit, or visit the market. Our new location at Novant UVA Hospital Center is going to allow us to grow and meet the needs of the growing Haymarket & Gainesville area. The new location is just off Exit 40 and 15, convenient to the many communities and neighborhoods. Take the time to get to know the farmers/vendors. Ask them about how the food is grown, what else they grow, what the next week’s harvest may bring, about what they are cooking for dinner. Stop by the manager’s table and pick up a “Get to know your farmer” game entry. It’s amazing what you can learn with just a few questions. You might even get to know each other’s name.

Shopping at the Farmers Market is different from your big box store, there are a few things to keep in mind to have the best experience. When you first arrive at the market take your time and walk through the entire market. Take a good look at all the offerings, chat with the vendors, and ask a few questions before you buy. There can be many differences in varieties, prices, and taste.

In order to make the transactions go quickly, always bring lots of small bills and change, the crisp $20’s straight out of the ATM are not always convenient for the vendors and they don’t always take credit cards.

Sorry Fido, but the Exit 40 Farmers Market is a permitted Food Facility and no dogs (except service dogs) are allowed.

Bring large, reusable shopping bags, they make shopping easier and protect your purchases.  Please try to remember to reuse the produce bags provided by the farmers, or the grocery store. You can always save them and bring them back to refill next time you come to market. This reuse will help with the farmer’s costs and is also beneficial to the environment.

Please also think about the farmers/vendors, bargaining for small amounts is not well received, not even at the end of the market day. You can always ask about large amounts or seconds and that is usually acceptable, however not always doable. Remember that these are the growers of the produce. Do not insult them with unnecessary and small quantity bargaining. They worked very hard to grow and harvest the produce and now add sales to the long day.

Look forward to seeing you at the Exit 40 Farmers Market!

New Home for the Market

Exit 40 Farmers MarketOn Thursday, August 11th the Exit 40 Farm Market will make the move to the campus of Novant Health UVA Haymarket Medical Center located at 15225 Heathcote Blvd, Haymarket, VA 20169. This will allow for expansion of the market, and easier access our friends and loyal customers. The market is now conveniently located just across the street from the Market Center Condominiums off of Heathcote Boulevard. The new market hours are going to be 4:00 – 8:00 so that more commuters and residents will be able to stop on their way home to pick up fresh produce.The Exit 40 Farmers Market will feature more than a dozen local vendors selling local produce, pastured meats and eggs, local honey, preserves, artisan foods, food trucks, and more. It will also host special events, such as live music and cooking demonstrations, children’s activities, recipe contests and more.Look for exciting events and watch the Exit 4o Farmers Market Grow. Stay on top of what is Fresh and in season on our FB page.


News You Can Use

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 5.55.34 PMHave you seen the latest issue of the Exit 40 Farmers Market newsletter? Our newsletter is the best way to get the latest fresh news from the market, there is so much going on right now with the move and the peak of the Farm Market Season. The new location and the new hours will kick off on August 11th! We are looking to plan our Trans’Plant celebration on September 1st, and launch our new Youth Market!

The Farmers Market is held on Thursdays at the NOVANT Health/UVA Haymarket Medical Center, 15225 Heathcote Blvd, Haymarket, VA 20169. Exit 40 Farmers Market Season is from the first Thursday in May through October.  Hours are 4:00-8:00 PM.

Applications for the Youth Market!

IMG_20160721_142619591One of the biggest things about our expansion at our new location is the launch of our Youth Market! We feel that by opening the Youth Market we are creating stronger communities, raising more engaged citizens and building happier neighborhoods. The Youth Market encourages young residents to embrace their entrepreneurial spirit by focusing on the connection with food and agriculture, the most basic of all human needs. This program is also intended to encourage local leadership, partnership and development opportunities.

We are so excited to have a few select Farm Friends selling their goods and products. The Market will provide the space and the youth will provide the rest of the items. All the items must be grown, harvested, produced, made or assembled by the kids. If you would like an application to be considered for the youth market send an email to

Ideas for Youth Market Booth

  • Fresh Fruits or Veggies you have grown
  • Flowers or Plants you have grown
  • Book Marks with pressed flowers
  • Herbs
  • Pet Rocks
  • Recycling Project
  • Seed Packets
  • Handmade Soaps
  • Earthworm Project

Market Pre Orders

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 4.48.14 PMUpdate – With the Farm Market move we have suspended the Market Pre-Orders for the remainder of the 2016 Season. Please check back for more info as to when they will resume. 


Do you know that we offer Pre-Orders for the Thursday Market? Save some time and plan on purchasing some of the staples weekly.  This is a great option for commuters – come in, grab your box and go! Make sure that you are signed up for our newsletter so that you receive the up to date pre order forms.

Here’s how it works:

1. Fill out the order form and send to by 2PM on Wednesday, June 22nd.
2. I will send your orders to the vendors, they will send you an invoice and payment arrangements to your email via Square.
3. Stop by the Market from 2-6PM to pick up your box(es)!

Find the order forms attached. Participating this week are:

– Silver Apple (chemical-free produce, eggs)
Waterford Run Farm & Forge (homemade baked goods, jams)
Taste of Old Country (olive oil, balsamic vinegar, homemade pasta)
Countless Blessings Farm (pasture-raised, non-GMO meat) *please note CB’s order form is two pages – lots of options!

Market Survey

If you have a few minutes please take our MARKEY SURVEY!!!  Tell us what you want from the Market!  We strive to create a community to connect you to your food sources so we need to know what the community wants!  Once you enter the survey, please send us a FB message or stop by the Market Manager’s table to receive your entry into our market basket raffle!  Thanks for your help!!!

(Use of cute little kitten was a trick, it worked right!)

Farm Fresh Pledge

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 1.25.19 PMFarm. Fresh. PLEDGE! is back. Please stop by the Market Manager’s table to pick up a punch card. Every $10 you spend gets you a punch on the card. Each card you fill ($140) will be entered in the state-wide program to win a Virginia Grown/Virginia’s Finest basket. Visit for details!


Youth Market, time to bloom!

Do you have a young entrepreneur or a child loves to get their hands dirty? The Haymarket Farm Market is looking for their next big farm star. We are working to open a Youth Market, space is provided for free, but you will need to fill out an application and follow a few rules. Some ideas for youth vendors include fruits or veggies grown by the student, flower arrangments, plant or herb seedlings are always a great idea or even eggs collected by the students. Some other young entrepreneurs may choose to feature a recycle or composting product, in conjunction with a scout, community or homeschool project. They may also choose to sell products besides fruits and vegetables at their market, which can generate a small amount of capital. Some items could include cookbooks, bookmarks or using pressed flowers, wreaths with herbs and dried flowers, and seed packets with garden-collected seeds.  With the Youth Market, we must adhere to hand-made only products and avoid selling prepared food, which needs to be certified by the health department. The Youth Market will open on September 1st, during the existing market, from 4:00-6:00. Come and sell your wares, your pickings or your popsicles. Look for details coming soon.